Jun 23 2017

Conexus at a Crossroads: Structuring a Credit Union for Innovation

Recent Filene reports from our Center for Organizational Entrepreneurship explore innovation in the financial services industry, such as Structures for Innovation that examines how different organizational structures can foster innovation through a framework of exploration and exploitation.

Conexus at the Crossroads applies the ideas from Structures for Innovation directly to a credit union example, using the case study technique perfected at Harvard Business School. We present efforts Conexus Credit Union has made towards their goal thus far, and then we ask you, our members, to engage with us in discussing what actions Conexus should consider.

This research is unique in that the answers to Conexus’s strategic questions aren’t yet known. You are getting a peek into the decisions that Conexus leadership is currently facing. Over the next 12 to 18 months we’ll follow along as Conexus executes on the decisions they make, and will share our continued insights with you.

Join the conversation that follows.

Report Number 428