Feb 22 2011

Build: A Guide to Developing a Portfolio of Ideas and Experiments


In BUILD: A Guide to Developing a Portfolio of Ideas and Experiments, Henry Chesbrough, who is credited with coining the term “open innovation”, and Filene’s Chief Innovation Officer Denise Gabel join forces to guide readers through the how-tos of building an innovation portfolio. Learn more at Thursday’s Lunch with Ed live chat with the author.

Building on Filene’s intent to help you fish for yourself, this is the second edition of Filene’s four-part Innovation Ed Series. This brief addresses the topic of creating a portfolio as it relates to your innovation efforts.

This publication leads you through developments in the world of innovation along with selected articles from MIT, Harvard, and other outside experts that will fuel your innovation efforts. Articles include:

  • “Constructing Your Innovation Portfolio”
  • “Open Innovation and the Stage-Gate Process”
  • “The Two-Pronged Approach to Innovation Your Company Needs”
  • “Bringing Open Innovation to Services”
  • “Connect and Develop: Inside Procter & Gamble’s New Model for Innovation”
  • “Innovation Contests, Open Innovation, and Multiagent Problem Solving”
  • “Customers as Innovators”

Additionally, the authors provide tools for busy executives to use. Consider using the Innovation Portfolio Worksheet provided for download. This worksheet can bring some clarity and direction to a deliberate yet chaotic process—innovation.

Report Number 233