May 12 2017

Blueprints for Innovation, Fall 2016

Does your credit union have $17.4 billion sitting around waiting to be invested in the latest and greatest fintech innovations?

Of course not! But that’s the amount of global venture capital investment made in fintech firms in 2016 alone. These emerging competitors are taking advantage of this capital influx to develop cutting-edge innovations that aim to take away your members’ loyalty and market share.

That doesn’t mean credit unions like yours have to throw in the towel. You’ve got a competitive advantage these startups don’t have--the collaborative, volunteer team of FIlene i3 innovators who are developing innovative concepts and building prototypes on your behalf.

Over six months, Filene i3 innovators have dreamed up innovative solutions to the biggest consumer challenges and prototyped them on your behalf. The culmination of their work is highlighted in this blueprint. Check out the latest innovations from Filene i3 and let us know which you’re interested in testing further.

Filene extends its sincere appreciation to trellance for their commitment to credit union innovation and the support of Filene i3.