Dec 14 2012

101 Things: Credit Union Insights from the Filene Research Institute


An all-hands effort by Filene staff initially returned nearly 150 separate insights, but our commitment from the beginning was to keep the report succinct and useful, so we winnowed away dozens of interesting but less vital bits in favor of fragments, charts, findings, trends, and ideas that will make you pause, or, if we do our job correctly, provide a spark that lights your path to important improvements at your credit union.

An exercise like this one is perhaps as revealing to us as it is to you. In reviewing the year’s work and picking out the gems that run through our pipeline, we took stock of the topics that have obsessed us during the past year.

The categories are broad, but within each of them, we found specific trends that can help you better understand the credit union ecosystem:

  • Strategy and policy
  • Credit unions as cooperatives
  • Lending
  • People
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing
  • Credit union profitability
  • Innovation
  • Governance

This report is broad instead of deep, chunked instead of smooth. Open it up to the section that most intrigues you, or browse the sections and surprise yourself. We want you to treat it as an entry point: If something you see here intrigues you, follow it to the original report for more context and more insights.

So, while we’re adding to your daily 100,000-word intake, we hope that this curated collection of insights will be among the most valuable you read today. And tomorrow.

Report Number 288