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Collective Intelligence

Quadrus Conference Center | Palo Alto, CA | 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

open bookFilene’s Center for Performance and Operational Excellence is pleased to host its first annual colloquium on Collective Intelligence.

Filene Fellow Huggy Rao and other distinguished guests will share their ideas on collective intelligence, and contribute thoughts on how knowledge sharing can strengthen and benefit your organization.

You'll walk way with new insights on how you can kindle success across your entire organization.

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Distinguished guests include:

  • Bruce Cahan of Stanford will discuss the implications for credit unions amid a rapidly changing political climate. Credit unions should be prepared to collectively defend their charter-directed impact programming, as well as find profitable means to step up advocacy for programs at risk due to funding cuts.
  • Daren Brabham of USC Annenberg will examine the value of crowdsourcing for credit union operations, and will discuss possible applications, as well as best-case scenarios for credit union crowdsourcing.
  • Mike Higgins will share a strategic goal setting and monitoring tool to help credit unions align their member-centric goals with robust organizational goals.
  • Joan Opp of Stanford Federal CU, Gerry Agnes of Elevations CU and Dave Mooney of Alliant CU, will join in a panel discussion on leveraging collective intelligence across organizations, and will touch upon best practices and their own experiences in the value of knowledge sharing.

Credit unions attending the Collective Intelligence colloquium will receive a custom abridged Member Value Assessment that follows the principles addressed during Mike Higgins' presentation.

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