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GAC Chairman’s Breakfast

This event is SOLD OUT! 

Please contact Beth Schnabel, Event Manager, with any questions.

What better way to jump-start your day than with a hot meal and cutting-edge presentation with Filene? We hope you'll take advantage of this exclusive membership benefit and join us for breakfast and brain food!

After a two-decade love affair with digital technologies, journalism scholars and practitioners are now wrestling with the challenges of our decentralized information environment. Yes, the Internet and social media empower citizens, audiences, and consumers to produce and distribute content, and talk back to political and cultural elites. However, they also empower citizens to make up information, share conspiracy theories and hate speech, and live in ideological bubbles featuring curated versions of "reality."  Join us as our keynote speaker Dannagal G. Young, Professor at the University of Delaware, explores how Democracy thrives in such an environment and what obligation media platforms have to serve as a check on these dysfunctional dynamics.

This event is by invitation only.