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We are a nonprofit, independent, think and do tank for the consumer finance industry.

Everything we do starts with research

Everything we do starts with research

Since 1989, Filene has engaged leading scholars and thinkers to dig deep into the managerial problems, public policy questions, and consumer needs affecting the consumer finance industry.

That’s 25 years of research with the goal of identifying what comes next. We ask the tough questions. We challenge the status quo and find new perspectives. So when we do act, it’s with eyes fixed forward and our ideas grounded in truths.

Research alone does not move the industry

Everything we do starts with research

Our research stokes ideas, but ideas cannot change an industry unless we put them into action. Our communities of bright, creative people take our most promising research and use it to build ideas that solve real-world problems.

Then together, we test these ideas in the marketplace. This is our laboratory. This is the face of innovation.

We bring our best ideas to market

Everything we do starts with research

We make sustainable solutions for credit unions and their consumers. And more importantly, our programs and services have an extra layer of confidence baked in. They are rooted in research, based on real consumer need, tested in the market, and ready for action.

And it is all supported by people like you — our members and other contributors. Together, we can drive change for credit unions and their members.