ITIN Lending Online Learning

In 2019, Filene Research Institute partnered with Visa to provide a series of in-person workshops across the United States on how to implement Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) Lending. The aim of these workshops was to inspire financial institutions to implement ITIN Lending and provide additional information and support. We have captured some of the key learnings from these workshops in this online learning site to help your financial institution implement or expand your ITIN lending offerings.

Step 1:

Download the ITIN Lending Online Learning User Guide to help navigate these resources.

Step 2:

Click a learning module below and empower financially vulnerable populations through ITIN lending.

ITIN Lending Online Learning


The Opportunity for Financial Inclusion

See how mission and margin can come together to make a strong business case for ITIN Lending.

If you’re looking to build a case for offering ITIN Lending, start here.


Generating Organizational Buy-In to Practice Diversity & Inclusion

Learn best practices and processes to cultivate internal buy-in at your organization and how to draft a compelling business case for ITIN Lending.

If you’re in member services or community outreach, start here.


Risk, Regulation and Compliance for ITIN Lending

Dives into the essential risk, regulation and compliance issues related to ITIN Lending programs.

If you’re in Lending, Policy or Compliance, start here.


Connecting with Your Community

Better understand inclusive marketing practices, how to build meaningful community partnerships, and avoid common mistakes in developing inclusive communication strategies.

If you’re in Marketing or HR and are interested in how to meaningfully engage your internal and external stakeholders, start here.