Module 3: The Risk

Risk, Regulation and Compliance for ITIN Lending

Miriam de Dios Woodward, CEO of PolicyWorks, LLC, explores the risks, regulations and compliance considerations related to ITIN Lending.

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Online Learning Content Presentation: Risk, Regulation and Compliance for ITIN Lending
This presentation explores account opening procedures (including use of acceptable IDs), relevant lending policies and procedures (including the Equal Credit Opportunity Act), how to avoid unclear advertising and loan terms, and identity theft red flag rules. In addition, the presentation reviews best practices on engaging examiners and other regulatory entities.

Risk Evaluation Exercise
This tool helps you conduct an internal review of the risks your financial institution should consider when implementing ITIN Lending, and provides elements to use in evaluating those risks.

ITIN Lending Implementation Guide
Download the free, research-based implementation guide to help your financial institution implement an ITIN Lending program.

Our Partners

This ITIN online leaning content would not be possible without the involvement and expertise of PolicyWorks, LLC.

Filene would also like to thank Visa for its financial support and ongoing leadership on financial inclusion that has made the Reaching Minority Households project and its series of reports and ITIN Lending resources possible.