Module 1: The Opportunity

The Opportunity for Financial Inclusion

René Vargas Martínez, Program Officer at Inclusiv, along with Pablo DeFilippi, SVP Membership and Networking Engagement at Inclusiv, present the moral and business imperative for serving underserved individuals and financially vulnerable communities.

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Presentation: The Opportunity for Financial Inclusion
This presentation illustrates the importance of financial inclusion for financial institution mission fulfillment and growth (both in terms of membership as well as the bottom line). It includes up-to-date data on shifting demographics in the United States today, national and regional studies on the purchasing power of immigrants, and research outlining the business case and opportunity for ITIN Lending, particularly for America’s largest immigrant population, Hispanic consumers.

ITIN Lending Program
Download the free, research-based implementation guide to help your financial institution close this gap and pursue financial inclusion through the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Lending program.

Pathways to Financial Well-being
Filene tracked the outcomes of three lending programs through the lives of 20 people who participated in the Reaching Minority Households (RMH) Incubator. In this report, we share the experiences of those individuals and develop a model for how financial institutions can better support consumers in achieving financial well-being.

Reaching Minority Households Incubator
In 2016, the Filene Research Institute, Visa, and the Ford Foundation collaborated to launch the Reaching Minority Households Incubator, in which five programs were tested over an 18-month period to evaluate whether they were scalable, financially viable, had high demand from financial institutions and consumers, and created positive consumer impact. One of the most successful programs tested was ITIN Lending.

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