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i4 is our platform for further prototyping and validating high potential i3 concepts. We're currently testing or will soon test the following concepts. Call us on 608.661.3740 or email for more information on being a part of these important prototype tests.

Now Recruiting Testers

  • Will Be Done - No one wants to think about dying, but it's inevitable. We're taking this idea and finding a way to test a solution to solve the problem: How might we lessen the impact of being financially unprepared for death? 


  • Member Megaphone - A referral app to help credit union seamlessly tap into the power of organic growth through member and employee referrals, while tracking results and assigning rewards. The app assigns a unique code and tracks the referrals, including who referred, number of referrals and who accepted the offer. Click here to submit your information and learn more about testing Member Megaphone!

Currently Testing

  • Bank on Family - Increase repayment rates for lenders, build borrowers’ credit, and create loyal members with healthy financial behaviors. That's our hypothesis and we're ready to test it.
  • Debt Dragon guides students through relatable, interactive scenarios that show real-time financial implications and alternatives about their investment options with clear action items, next steps, and checklists.