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Leeflet (Digital Marketing)

Filene is excited to announce Leeflet, which will improve the cost efficiency and marketing effectiveness of your credit union through a uniquely simple idea: delivering targeted brochures electronically.

The average-size credit union spends $50,000/year on paper brochures, with no way of knowing if they are ever read or acted upon. Terms, conditions, rates, and available products are constantly changing. Traditional brochures are outdated almost as quickly as they’re printed. As credit unions change, they must update these brochures – rendering their current inventory of paper brochures useless.


Maximize your Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

The Leeflet Solution will:

  • Improve operating efficiency by digitizing collateral (reduce brochure expenses by 75 percent)
  • Enhance sales and marketing efforts
  • Quickly understand marketing campaign effectiveness through tracking of brochure utilization

Please use the comment feature of this blog post to ask questions others might benefit from or contact Tansley Stearns via email or call 608.661.3753 or Chris Fraenza at 203.589.9413.

See Leeflet in Action and Learn More About the Solution

Test the online version of Leeflet by filling in your contact information below, a leeflet on our Leeflet Pilot will be sent to you. 

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