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i3 Concepts

Our i³ (Ideas, Innovation, Implementation) counts more than 150 concepts since the programs inception in 2004. These product, service, and business model innovations help credit unions build operational efficiency, generate loans, mobilize savings, reach communities, and strengthen membership. Browse through them below.

All i3 Ideas

Status: An Idea

Will Be Done

64% of Americans don't have a will. Of those without a plan, about 27% said there isn't an urgent need for them to make one and 15% said they don't need one at all. All good things must come to an end … even you. That’s why you need our...

Status: In Process

Prepared Auto Financing

Problem How might we better empower our members for a lifetime of vehicle ownership? Solution Prepared Auto Financing, an auto loan with a built-in savings transfer to help members improve positive financial behaviors while ensuring peace of mind throughout vehicle ownership.

Status: In Process

Smooth Mortgage

Problem How might we use creative mortgage underwriting to reduce the amount of cash needed by first-time borrowers to purchase a home? Solution Smooth Mortgage helps first time home buyers by significantly reducing or eliminating the amount of cash needed to close. For cash-strapped millennials, this helps buyers find a...

Status: An Idea

Karma Direct

The Problem How might credit unions use charitable giving to enhance our relationship with our members? The Solution Karma Direct is a program that gives members an influence over where the credit union directs its donations. For every bill payment, new loan, payroll deposit, and new investment, the credit union...

Status: An Idea


The Problem How might we engage millennial members by helping to develop healthy financial and fitness habits? The Solution Thrive seeks to address this problem simply by encouraging members to save and workout by paying a higher interest rate on their savings account when they do both.  While there are...

Status: An Idea


The Problem How might we provide new financial services to consumers without the barrier of requiring membership?  How can we get out of the consumer’s way? …our own way? The Solution Shift is the first partnership of its kind bringing together the nation’s top credit unions under one umbrella offering...

Status: An Idea


  The Problem How might we make it simple for digital natives to join a credit union? The Solution MemberEQ (Easy Qualification) propels the online account acquisition formula to a new level, delivering a digitized pre-qualification process that reduces friction and provides value through time savings and personalization.  Filene i3...

Status: An Idea

Home Free

The Problem How might we better prepare millennials for home ownership? The Solution Home Free is a rewards-based credit card program that accumulates cash back that can be applied to expenses related directly to home ownership, such as a down payment. Filene i3 Demo New Orleans - Home Free from...

Status: An Idea


The Problem There is tremendous value yet to be unleashed in the process by which credit unions communicate critical account information to members.  How then do we unleash that value and make the process more relevant, timely and insightful? The Solution Introducing Frank, a real time fin-tech app with predictive...

Status: An Idea


The Problem How might we help credit unions remain relevant and help consumers understand the value of their money in a digital era?  The Solution SpendClear is a mobile tool designed to track purchases and make payments through your Smartphone.  By using mobile capture technology, SpendClear will allow you to...