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i3 Concepts

Our i³ (Ideas, Innovation, Implementation) counts more than 150 concepts since the programs inception in 2004. These product, service, and business model innovations help credit unions build operational efficiency, generate loans, mobilize savings, reach communities, and strengthen membership. Browse through them below.

All i3 Ideas

Bank Ahead

Problem How might we reduce wait times for members in the branch?     Solution Bank Ahead, an integrated mobile application that gives the member a selection of services to prepare in advance to reduce their waiting time.

Status: Ready for Action

Debt Dragon

7 in 10 students graduating from college have some kind of student loan debt. The problem of student loan debt puzzles many in the financial world and burdens millions of Americans each year. The amount of student loan debt continues to skyrocket, surpassing all other forms of debt outside of...

Status: An Idea

Member Maximizer

Problem How might Credit Unions educate their members on the monetary value that they provide?   Solution The Member Maximizer will show once and for all that our members are making great choices by working with us. No more doubts about if someone else is getting a better deal! No...

Status: An Idea

Switch Ninja (version 2)

Problem How might credit unions obtain more time and resources to reach consumers that are displaying frustrations on social media in regards to their existing financial products and services? Solution Switch Ninja is designed to assist with the frustration consumers have with their existing financial institution and minimize the amount...

Status: An Idea


Problem How might we create a reward program that supports our member’s personal life goals and values? Solution InVision - the first credit union rewards program designed to support the achievement of individual life goals, while harnessing the power of community.

Status: An Idea

Bank on Family

Lending money to a friend? There's a 43% chance you won't see that money again... Everyone goes into peer-to-peer lending transactions with a positive state of mind, but the reality is not all informal loans get paid back. This is not only unhelpful to the borrower but puts a strain...

Status: An Idea


Problem How might we prepare credit unions for the potential future of auto loan declines? Solution Coop Car, the future of autos for credit unions. With Coop Car, a credit union Member has access to affordable, reliable transportation at the tap of a finger. Coop Car from Filene Research on...

Status: An Idea

Will Be Done

64% of Americans don't have a will. Of those without a plan, about 27% said there isn't an urgent need for them to make one and 15% said they don't need one at all. How can you help us build the future of Will Be Done?   Test with 5...

Status: In Process

Prepared Auto Financing

Problem How might we better empower our members for a lifetime of vehicle ownership? Solution Prepared Auto Financing, an auto loan with a built-in savings transfer to help members improve positive financial behaviors while ensuring peace of mind throughout vehicle ownership.

Status: In Process

Smooth Mortgage

Problem How might we use creative mortgage underwriting to reduce the amount of cash needed by first-time borrowers to purchase a home? Solution Smooth Mortgage helps first time home buyers by significantly reducing or eliminating the amount of cash needed to close. For cash-strapped millennials, this helps buyers find a...