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i3 Concepts

Our i³ (Ideas, Innovation, Implementation) counts more than 150 concepts since the programs inception in 2004. These product, service, and business model innovations help credit unions build operational efficiency, generate loans, mobilize savings, reach communities, and strengthen membership. Browse through them below.

All i3 Ideas

Status: An Idea

Finding Keepers

Problem: How might we significantly increase the percentage of very successful new hires at credit unions in order to ensure a bright future for the credit union movement? Solution: Finding Keepers is a turnkey, web-based solution that produces a robust “scorecard” consisting of customized interview questions to identify the best...

Status: In Process


Problem: How might we connect college student and recent graduates with ways to reduce their student loan debt? Solution: Hero allows students to email their friends and family directly for help in paying for their student expenses including tuition and more. The friends and family can make one-time donations (ex:...

Status: In Process


Problem: How might we better develop and engage top young talent in the credit union industry?  Solution: Our solution is a digital platform that connects credit union professionals and provides them with development and mentorship opportunities that not only boost engagement within their own credit union, but also the credit...

Status: An Idea

Collective Karma

Problem: How might we better communicate and increase the impact credit unions and their members have on their communities? Solution: Collective Karma, a collaborative community (members) giving program focused on leveraging the online banking platform to facilitate the selection of approved community organizations for charitable donations, and to allocate donations...

Status: An Idea


Problem How might we use these advances in behavioral economics, along with cutting edge technology, to help younger generations make better financial decisions for their future selves?     Solution YORO is a mobile-based technology that merges the Behavioral Economics elements of account aggregation, geolocation, data science, and gamification to make...


  Problem How might we leverage money saved by consumers during retail transactions to build actual savings?     Solution SaveIt uses Optical Character Recognition technology to read discounts on sales receipts and prompts users to save the amount displayed, with flexibility and control.

Retirement Road Map

Problem How might we encourage healthy financial and life behaviors for pre-retirees aged 40 to 65?     Solution Retirement Roadmap:  the unique credit union retirement planning platform that combines a holistic view of retirement with activities and rewards designed to promote long-term engagement.

Pocket Protector

Problem How might we help people prepare for unplanned financial events?     Solution Pocket Protector is a proactive budgeting tool that partners with consumers using real-time interaction helping establish and maintain budgetary goals via preventative behavior methodology.

Status: An Idea


Problem How might credit unions make financing more attainable for aspiring women entrepreneurs?     Solution Cultivate – a line of credit catered specifically for those who want to grow their passion into profits. Ideally, Cultivate will provide financial guidance for starting a small business while serving as a tool to...

Status: An Idea


Problem How might credit unions collaborate to reach the next generation of members? Solution Through collaboration, credit unions will offer digital-first consumers an unparalleled online experience – from searching, to application, fulfillment and support. Through collaboration, credit unions will launch a unified national brand with the power to create awareness...