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Debt Dragon

7 in 10 students graduating from college have some kind of student loan debt.

The problem of student loan debt puzzles many in the financial world and burdens millions of Americans each year. The amount of student loan debt continues to skyrocket, surpassing all other forms of debt outside of mortgages, even credit card debt. 

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Help your members tame their student loan debt. 

Complete this form to be considered for the Debt Dragon prototype test. Debt Dragon is unique because it speaks right to students and breaks down each debt factor in ways they will understand. Each decision demonstrates in dollars and cents how even the little things can affect their final debt load.

Debt Dragon guides students through relatable, interactive scenarios that show real-time financial implications and alternatives about their investment options with clear action items, next steps, and checklists.


If we provide students and their families with Debt Dragon, they will have improved clarity about the impact of their college investment. That's our hypothesis and we're ready to test it. 

Read FAQs about this initiative or contact Marnie Gerkhardt, innovation manager, at or schedule a call with her via the magic of calendly



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