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Center of Excellence
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Led by Filene Fellow, Dr. Quinetta Roberson, the Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will tackle challenges in access to both talent and products and services in the financial services industry and conduct applied research on diversity, equity and inclusion practices in credit unions.

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Trauma-Informed Services for Credit Union Employees Workshop

Incorporate trauma-informed strategies across your organization to support thriving staff and build organizational resiliency going forward.

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Trauma Informed Services for Credit Union Employees, Part 1

This study explores evidence-based practices to equip credit union leaders to better address those needs and foster trauma-informed support for employees.

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Road Map to Activating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This free tool guides you through an honest assessment of your organization’s readiness to activate DEI across your organization with further guidance on how to dive deeper into three pathways: personal, operational and organizational.

Blog DEI DEI Handbook
What's in Your DEI Recovery Playbook?

There is a potential for engaging DEI efforts in a way that not only addresses changes that have occurred from COVID-19 but drives cultural change and operational improvement. Use the following four DEI recovery strategies if a return to the workplace may be on your horizon.

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Report WAR Capstone
Employee Attraction and Retention in the Shadow of COVID-19

Fellow Sekou Bermiss revisits the primary insights from his research and highlights the key issues that credit union leaders must consider in how they manage the attraction and retention of employees, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Evidence-based Practices for Addressing Inequality in Credit Unions

This research summarizes the effectiveness of four different categories of behavioral policy interventions to address workforce inequality including: affirmative action, targeted human resource management, diversity training, and accountability and transparency practices.

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Research + Guide
Drop Your Tools! Shifting Battle Tactics in Times of Uncertainty

Filene Fellow Sekou Bermiss draws lessons from the Mann Gulch Disaster to help credit union leaders respond to uncertain times and the changing nature of work. Accompanying this report is a guide, Leadership During Uncertain Times, where we highlight insights from our esteemed cohort of Fellows for how leaders can guide their organizations forward.

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Updated Tool
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Road Map

This Road Map helps you take stock of your current organizational status, culture, and membership, assess your leadership team’s capacity for change, and consider available pathways for your organization. Recently added is the Personal Pathway section to help members of your team learn how to recognize and leverage each other’s differences.

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WAR Workplace Design2 Header
Workplace Design as a Strategic Human Capital Management Tool

At a time when credit unions are reimagining their physical facilities, this study considers how workplace design is an important weapon in the war for talent. Explore how workspace variety affects employee satisfaction and productivity.

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Experimentation Guide

Based on research gathered from the "Winning by Losing" report, this guide explores five factors your credit union should consider when running your own field experiments to recruit top talent.

Blog CONS Who Do Well being
Cost of Financial Distractions Calculator

As more employees worry about finances, productivity and performance suffer. Use this calculator to understand the impact of financial stress and how you show the economical benefits in supporting your employees' financial well-being.

OPEX Friction Manifesto webhead Website Header
Friction: A Manifesto

Workplace inefficiency, miscommunication and disengagement are often the result of organizational friction. Consider the causes, effects, and cures of organizational friction in order to better understand how to make the important things easier to do in ways that do not exhaust us.

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