Mining for Growth

We know that credit unions with more satisfied members grow substantially faster. We also know that the credit union member satisfaction advantage is slipping away. Recent reporting shows that the NPS average for banks is now even with credit unions. While there is no one-size fits all solution to improving member experience, there are ways to gain deeper insights into your membership and strategies for your credit union can act on.

Explore our research agenda and activities designed for information and data technology leaders, and see how to activate and amplify progress across your credit union.

Research Insights

The Future of Digital Transformation for Credit Unions
Identify where your credit union is on your journey using these concrete action steps in the form of a road map to develop and invest in your digital strategy.

Weighing the Risks of a Fintech Partnership
Learn about the variety of risks that any credit union leader thinking about adopting new technology should know about.

Structures for Innovation
Explore the challenges of organizational ambidexterity and find out ways that companies can achieve it.

Actionable Tools

Guide to Partnerships
Better understand the relationship between your credit union and your technology partners by asking these questions (p. 19-20).

Partner Evaluation Tool
Work through the broad strategic and operational implications of a fintech partnership, and anticipate key decisions around security and risks, business models, talent acquisition, and training.


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