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Patrick Grant

Information, Communications and Technology Consultant


Patrick supports Filene by ensuring the team has access to the best technology available to deliver research, impact and innovation programs to member credit unions. Patrick’s work is grounded in Filene's research on information security, continuous improvement and human-centered design.

Over the past two decades, he has helped organizations from startups to Fortune 50 companies get the most out of their technology; balancing technology, usability and security. His experience has covered many aspects of technology usage, infrastructure, support, application development, management, security and architecture.

In his previous role at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Patrick was responsible for application infrastructure, service desks and data processing. He oversaw the security teams and led security compliance initiatives. Patrick also served as the chairperson for Wisconsin's enterprise architecture committee, which developed solutions for state department CIOs. Prior to serving in state government, Patrick worked as director of technology for an energy non-proift, a biometric startup and a global technology consulting firm.

Patrick earned a degree in computer applications from Dublin City University before moving to Madison. When taking a break from working on the best ways to use technology, you can find Patrick reading about technology, business and people. He also keeps his mind and body active running around with his twin boys and playing Capoeira.