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Mark Meyer



Mark turns big research questions into relevant key findings and big ideas into products for a changing world as one of North America’s top cooperative finance thinkers. His critical thinking shows through in his approaches to innovation and research on consumer behavior.

As CEO of Filene, he leads a team of brilliant thinkers, who deliver research and innovation to inspire people to understand the opportunities for cooperative finance to transform communities and lives.

An internationally recognized consumer finance expert published in dozens of publications, Mark has lectured to audiences up to 4,000 in locations across, Asia, Australia, Europe, North Africa, and North America. He has advised the US Department of the Treasury and lectured in a variety of academic settings, including Harvard Business School.

Mark is an attorney licensed to practice law in Colorado and Arizona, formerly of the firm of Montgomery, Little & McGrew. He also held executive posts with Arizona State Credit Union and CUNA Mutual Group. He served on the board of directors for Summit Credit Union, the largest credit union in Wisconsin, for ten years.

Mark’s passions include his wife and best friend, Alicia, two terrific teenage daughters, an animated son, and Argus, his clever Great Dane, who likes to counter surf. For play, Mark enjoys people, kayaking, yoga, fun, and learning anything new.

“The greatest mistake that we can make, however, is to assume that principles which once were true remain true forever.” 
- Edward A. Filene, December 9, 1936

This is a Bomb Diggity Big Darn Deal!

With a lump in my throat and a skip in my step, I enthusiastically share the news that Filene is launching five Centers of Excellence to explore emerging topics critical to the future of consumer finance. This focused approach excites us to no end, because it's the credit union movement and the millions...

Clarity of Focus Leads to Opportunity, Growth…and NEW Jobs!

During the 13 (yikes) years I've been with Filene, it's been an exhilarating exercise of running toward "the fire."  We've had a modicum of success with this approach and I also came to realize that how we were doing our work wasn't sustainable in the long-run. The issues credit unions...

Brain Food from big. bright. minds. 2014

Dial up the heat. Tucson was even hotter than usual last week as credit unions from across North America landed at Filene's annual big. bright. minds.  You can tell the groups apart easily: i3 innovators huddled in corners, obsessing over slides that would show -- in 10 minutes or less --...

Hip-Hip-Hooray! It’s Our Birthday Today!

Today's our birthday! We're celebrating the big 2-5 here at Filene Research Institute. Join us in celebrating 25 years of research, innovation, and impact on behalf of credit unions.

Three Cheers for Tansley Stearns

I’m happy to announce the promotion of Tansley Stearns to chief impact officer. In this role, Tansley will help credit unions, credit union leagues, and credit union service organizations across North America apply Filene Research Institute’s research and innovation findings.

Happy 25th, Filene Research Institute!

We're celebrating the big 2-5 here at Filene Research Institute this year. This organization is the realization of an idea held by many credit union people for a long time. And, it's only fitting that we kick off our silver anniversary at our annual Chairman’s Breakfast at the Credit Union National Association’s 2014 Governmental Affairs...

Filene Welcomes Andrew Downin as Innovation Director

Today, we're welcoming Andrew Downin as Filene's new innovation director! In this role, Andrew will lead our prestigious i3 (Ideas, Innovation, Implementation) program, along with subsequent testing of its financial product, service, and business model ideas.

Filene Welcomes Two New Research Fellows

Everything we do starts with research at Filene, and we're excited to welcome Jonathan Morduch and Christopher Nicholls as new research fellows. Jonathan and Christopher join seven other individuals from prominent universities, nonprofits, and financial organizations across North America currently serving as research fellows.

Welcome Mollie

The Filene family is growing with the hiring of Mollie Bell to the new position of Chief Engagement Officer. Mollie will grow awareness of Filene, promote the Institute’s research and innovation findings, develop partnerships, and deepen relationships with credit union professionals and other industry leaders.

Meyer Lectures at Harvard Business School

When Harvard Business School professor Robert Pozen and researcher Grace Hou were writing a case study to outline the pros and cons credit union regulatory treatment, they called Filene.

International Credit Union Day

In 1936 Edward Filene made a prescient speech to a group of sales executives in New York City. In celebration of the principles of cooperative business and the imperative that credit unions not just serve but provide value to people, we couldn’t have said it better. The industries have changed,...

Filene’s Denise Gabel to Emcee NCUF’s 2013 Wegner Awards Dinner

Filene’s Denise Gabel has been named emcee of The National Credit Union Foundation Dinner Presenting the Herb Wegner Memorial Awards. The 25th annual dinner will take place on February 25, 2013 in conjunction with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) in Washington, D.C.

The Credit Union Development Education Program

There is never a good time to go back to school. As we get older, obligations pile up like enormous tick marks on an unending to-do list: pick up the kids from soccer practice, organize the swim club fundraiser, prepare for the community foundation’s board meeting next Tuesday, train for...

Retirement Preparedness and Savings Choices in 2005-2009

What are the current trends in retirement preparedness and savings choices? In Filene’s continuation of the Consumer Finance Monthly (CFM) series, we explore: A market analysis of retirement preparedness, saving choices, and general trends from 1952 to 2009. CFM household data including net worth, household income, and the net worth...

Credit Card Availability, Interest Rates, and Usage in 2005-2009

Credit Card Availability, Interest Rates, and Usage in 2005–2009 is the fourth report in a series of Consumer Finance Research briefs authored by Mark Meyer of Filene Research and Luis Dopico of Macormetrix. The briefs based on information derived from the Ohio State University’s Consumer Finance Monthly (CFM) survey. Specifically:...

Mortgage Borrower Risk Profiles, Delinquencies, and Interest Rates in 2005–2008

Mortgage risk, delinquency, and interest rates have become a critical issue for both lenders and borrowers. To help assess these metrics, we released the brief, Mortgage Borrower Risk Profiles, Delinquencies, and Interest Rates in 2005–2008. This brief contains a high level marketplace analysis of mortgage pricing strategies, a review of...

Consumer Debt Stress and Credit Cards

In its ongoing efforts to analyze issues affecting the future of consumer finance, we have released the second in a series of Consumer Finance Research Briefs, based on information derived from Ohio State University’s Consumer Finance Monthly (CFM) survey. Consumer Debt Stress and Credit Cards, by Filene Executive Director and...

Facts, Figures, and Food for Thought

Facts, Figures and Food for Thought from the Ohio State University’s Consumer Finance Monthly (CFM). Filene has subscribed to an ever-evolving data source from Ohio State University in order to supply credit unions with valuable consumer financial information. This brief, the first in a series, offers an introductory glance to...

MoneyWorks: A Credit Union In-Home Party That’s Fun!

The Filene Research Institute’s i3 innovation group examined the opportunities available to credit unions in the new media environment. The results of their inquiry are detailed in this report. Taking a page from the playbook of direct selling giants like Tupperware, The Pampered Chef and Avon, the i3 team created...

Key Findings 2.0 - Transformational Ideas from i³

Cross-functional teams spent six months to a year in actual and virtual meetings nurturing ideas, and in some cases, testing them in their credit unions. This publication details the innovations, some of which are already finding their way into the marketplace. Creativity and product innovation are essential elements for an...