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James Marshall

Impact Manager


James is an Impact Manager at Filene Research Institute. As an Impact Manager, James helps bring programs to credit unions which are rooted in research, based on real consumer need, tested in the market, and ready for action. He’s driven to create positive change for credit unions, CUSOs, and state leagues.

James has a passion for, and experiences with, Human Centered Design, Member Experience Design, developing Young Adult Solutions, Strategic Planning and more - all for the purpose of furthering credit unions and consumer finance for Main Street America.

Formerly, James was Manager of The Cooperative Trust, Filene's young adult community. During James’ tenure, The Cooperative Trust grew membership by 470% and won the National Credit Union Foundation's Herb Wegner Award for Outstanding Program.  

Before joining Filene, James was the head of marketing at Plane Saver Credit Union in London, one of the largest credit unions in the UK. 

James holds a bachelors degree, with honors from St. Mary's College of the University of Surrey and, in his spare time, been spotted rowing crew as well as playing drums.