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Huggy Rao

Filene Research Fellow


Hayagreeva “Huggy” Rao is the Atholl McBean Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at the Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He also directs or co-directs Stanford programs for Customer-Focused Innovation, Managing Talent for Strategic Advantage, and the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate.

Huggy’s specialties include leading organizational change, building customer focused cultures, and organization design, and he teaches courses on these topics to MBA and executive audiences. He has consulted with organizations such as British Petroleum, CEMEX, General Electric, Hearst Corporation, IBM, Mass Mutual, and nonprofit organizations such as the American Cancer Society and government agencies including the FBI and CIA.

His most recent book Scaling Up Excellence, co-authored with Bob Sutton of the School of Engineering at Stanford, was included as one of the “Best Business Books” in 2014 by Financial Times, Inc Magazine, Amazon, Forbes, Washington Post and the Library Journal.

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