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Cynthia Campbell

Impact Director


Cynthia Campbell is the Director of Impact at Filene Research Institute. She takes the best of Filene’s research and innovation and works with credit unions to implement key findings that will impact their members and organization in positive and meaningful ways. She also led the  Accessible Financial Services Incubator that tested five products specifically designed for the underserved with 45 credit unions and 10,000 consumers. 

Cynthia comes to Filene from Tinker Federal Credit Union ($3B in assets) where she served as vice president of financial empowerment. She developed and implemented TFCU's award-winning Financial Empowerment Program. Thousands attend the hundreds of financial literacy workshops Tinker offers yearly and use the one-on-one financial counseling, REAL solutions products, online tools and learning modules. Cynthia also implemented Oklahoma’s first three in-school credit union branches in underserved areas.

She is a Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE), she holds a BS in Business Administration and an MBA from Elmhurst College in Illinois, and a master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Central Oklahoma. She is passionate about credit unions, innovation, member ease of use, and financial literacy. 

Are Millennials in Financial Crisis?

When I was 25 years old, I was the most financially stressed I had ever been. I had about $20K in student loan debt, $8K in credit card debt, a car note for $12K, monthly rent and utilities, and of course important things like eating to worry about. I was...

Improving Performance through Coaching

Filene’s Cynthia Campbell interviews Tiffany Tanzola of Catalyst Corporate as part of her journey through the Vertex virtual coaching program.  >> Read More

Using Small Dollar Loans to Boost Savings

The February 16, 2014 New York Times article, “How Credit-Card Debt Can Help the Poor”, by Shaila Dewan talked about a small dollar loan that helped the borrower build savings and increase his credit score because the loan funded a “locked down” savings account.

Five Products Enter Accessible Financial Services Incubator

We searched nationwide for products to test in our new accessible financial services incubator, funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation. These products had to be innovative in ways that benefit low-and-moderate-income consumers, and the four products we selected from more than 20 submissions show promise of doing just...