May 29 2019
Research Event / Seattle, WA / Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - Thursday, May 30, 2019

Research in Action | Center for Emerging Technology

The Future of Trust: How Technology Will Make it or Break it for your Credit Union

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Consumers today essentially expect to be exploited by the entities that hold their data and private information. Your credit union can become a beacon in that darkness—a trusted partner and guardian of members’ financial health—or your technology strategies can lead to greater distrust of the financial services industry by tomorrow’s consumers.

Join us for an exploration of ideas and strategies to take advantage of our emerging highly-technological environment and put it to good use, before the technology takes advantage of your members.

Trust is fostered through sound capability, credibility and capacity.

  • If you work in operations or information technology, your role has an impact on your organization’s capability.
  • If you work in marketing or communications, your role has an impact on your organization’s credibility.
  • If you work in human resources or finance, your role has an impact on your organization’s capacity.

As a leader of your organization, you must ensure you and these influencers have the knowledge needed to navigate this future.

Filene Fellow Bill Maurer, professor and director of the Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion at the University of California-Irvine, brings a line-up of academics and keynote speakers to make sure your credit union is capable, credible and ready to handle the capacity of fintech.

Filene Hosts
Taylor C. Nelms
Taylor C. Nelms
Senior Director, Research
Bill Maurer
Bill Maurer
Dean, School of Social Sciences; Professor, Department of Anthropology and School of Law; Director, Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion
University of California, Irvine
Nathan Schneider
Nathan Schneider
Journalist and Assistant Professor of Media Studies
University of Colorado, Boulder
Lana Swartz
Lana Swartz
Assistant Professor of Media Studies
University of Virginia
Jonathan Donner
Jonathan Donner
Senior Director of Research
Caribou Digital
Katie Macc
Katie Macc
Cofounder and Chief Commercial Officer
Jing Wang
Jing Wang
Visiting Assistant Professor of Communication
Tulane University

Center for Emerging Technology

Led by Filene Fellow Bill Maurer, the Center for Emerging Technology looks far into the future to connect credit unions with the most impactful technology and drive forward-thinking business decisions.

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