Aug 19 2021
Webinar / Webinar / Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 11:00am - 12:00pm

The Cloud and Cybersecurity Continuum – Where Are You?


More than ever, cybersecurity and technology strategy is built on shifting sands. It represents a constantly evolving, threat-ridden landscape that must be navigated in real time with little opportunity to pause, appraise and plan. Members expect credit unions to be secure custodians of their data while providing seamless, competitive digital experiences.

We spoke to leaders in credit unions to gauge how confident they are in being able to deliver on this, how they see they industry at large and where the opportunities are for improvement. Join us as we unpack the research, provide simple methodologies for assessing where you are on your transformation journey and put a call out for innovators to join us in our design process to deliver resources to the industry.

Filene Host
Taylor C. Nelms
Taylor C. Nelms
Senior Director, Research
Filene Research Institute
Christopher Sachse
Christopher Sachse
CEO, Founder
Linda Young
Linda Young
Research and Planning Consultant
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