Aug 06 2020
Webinar / Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 11:00am - 12:00pm

Navigating the Intersection of Financial Services and Emerging Technology


In 2020, digital channels have become the preferred way to interact with financial organizations—73% of U.S. adults report being more likely to use digital financial services during the COVID-19 pandemic and there has been a 50% increase in the use of mobile banking apps from 2019.

Credit unions will need to keep up with and meet consumers expectations for digital financial services. To continue to ensure credit unions are connected with the most impactful technology and consumer trends, Filene has relaunched the Center of Excellence for Emerging Technology for another three years. Attend this session to learn directly from lead research fellow Bill Maurer of the University of California—Irvine on how he will build on the deep archive of past learning and offer credit union leaders a foundation for future incubation, innovation, and ultimately impactful action.

To enable future technology and business decisions, the Center for Emerging Technology will address:

  • Identifying technology table-stakes and trade-offs in regard to financial services competitors
  • Studying consumer uses of and trust in new and novel financial technologies
  • Documenting future trends in automation, AI and member experience to understand how core financial products are being reinvented for self-service delivery
  • Outlining specific pathways for credit union / fintech partnerships
  • Evaluating the opportunity for meeting the emerging needs of non-traditional workers
  • Exploring the future of identity and authentication

Generous support for the Center for Emerging Technology is provided by long-time continuing sponsor CO-OP Financial Services, as well as State National Companies and Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC).

George Hofheimer
George Hofheimer
Bill Maurer
Bill Maurer
Dean, School of Social Sciences; Professor, Department of Anthropology and School of Law; Director, Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion
University of California, Irvine
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