Sep 23 2021
Webinar / Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11:00am - 12:00pm

Fanness®: Change the Way You Motivate and Inspire Others


Good Leaders Motivate. Great Leaders Motivate and Inspire.

The challenge for leaders is to learn to do both. Both concepts are about moving people forward and compelling them to act differently. Everyone is different when it comes to motivation. Some people are coin operated, some need autonomy, others just want respect. Could there be an idea about inspiring and motivating others that is universal to all of these types? 

Find out what it is with Admired Leadership's Founder and Managing Partner, Dr. Randall Stutman, and members of Filene's esteemed i3 program. Together, they will share insights on the behaviors and routines of extraordinary leaders to move your team and credit union forward.

Filene Hosts
Christie Kimbell
Christie Kimbell
Chief Experience Officer
Filene Research Institute
Randall Stutman
Randall Stutman
Managing Partner of CRA
Admired Leadership Institute®

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