Feb 17 2022
/ Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 3:30pm - 4:00pm

Impact Journey - Information Session

As a member of Filene, you have exclusive access to decades of cutting-edge research analyzing the biggest challenges that have faced and continue to face credit unions.

Join us for an information session on how you can transform this research into impact for your credit union. Designed for Lending and Finance Leaders, we will outline how we can partner over the next 12 months to deliver measurable progress. Register for one of three Member Impact Journeys where we will:

  • Bring you up to date on our research agenda and activities related to alternative lending products, non-interest income, algorithm bias and more.
  • Explain how to participate in a Filene Impact Journey to activate and amplify progress across the three big themes facing credit unions today: mining for growth, accelerating digital transformation, and redefining the credit union value proposition.
  • Additional session dates include March 17 and March 22. Select your preferred date via the registration link below.
Filene Hosts
Chris Harper
Chris Harper
Senior Director, Membership
Filene Research Institute
Joel Hartzler
Joel Hartzler
Stewardship + Development Director
Filene Research Institute
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