Feb 10 2022
/ Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 11:00am - 12:30pm

Impact Journey - Information and Technology Leaders

The future is coming fast!

Rapidly emerging technological trends are putting pressure on the traditional credit union business model. Credit unions continue to look far and wide for inspiration and lessons that they can put into practice to stay competitive.

Filene is offering a free and unique session to give you deeper insights from our research into what your membership is looking for when it comes to their digital experience. Join us on February 10 for an informative and engaging discussion with credit union leaders in Information and Data Technology as we answer these burning topics:

  • Accelerate your digital transformation by understanding what type of financial services provider you will be in a digital future.
  • Redefine your value proposition by leveraging data analytics to create value.
  • Help your organization grow by exploring which digital opportunities will best grow your membership.
Filene Hosts
Chris Harper
Chris Harper
Senior Director, Membership
Filene Research Institute
Joel Hartzler
Joel Hartzler
Stewardship + Development Director
Filene Research Institute


Visit this curated collection of resources for your Information + Technology team.

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