Jun 22 - 23 2021
Research Event / Virtual / Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Amplifying Impact: Connecting Credit Unions and Communities

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Join us for this special research event bringing together two or our newest Centers of Excellence: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Community Social Impact.

Regardless of scale, from the branch to the neighborhood and beyond, foundational credit union values—of inclusion, equity, and security—can lead to profound positive transformations. The prosperity of the credit union community feeds back into the prosperity of the credit union, ultimately showing that credit unions are the communities they serve.

In this special Filene research event, we bring together academic and industry experts from the Centers of Excellence for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Community Social Impact to dig into what it takes to build inclusive and resilient communities—both inside and outside the credit union. 

  • Learn about the hidden inequalities facing your members and employees and action-based strategies for tackling those inequalities.
  • Gain an understanding of inclusion and resilience – from both organizational and financial perspectives – and how to foster more inclusive and resilient communities inside and outside your organization. 
  • Walk away with practical resources to align your DEI and social impact strategies with your business model, offerings, and operations, to track your progress, and evaluate the outcomes and impacts of your work. 

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Filene Hosts
Mai Thi Nguyen
Mai Thi Nguyen
Director, The Design Lab
University of California San Diego
Quinetta Roberson
Quinetta Roberson
Ph.D., John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Management and Psychology
Michigan State University

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