Strategic Planning

Transform your organization’s annual strategic planning from a point-in-time meeting to an ongoing conversation that continually advances the credit union's growth and service objectives.

Strategic Planning Details

Whether you’re looking to spruce up just one planning session or you want to give the old heave-ho to the way your organization currently does planning, breathe some life into strategic planning.

    Strategic Planning:

    Strategy Facilitation

    Engage the leadership and board of directors through an interactive, facilitated discussion grounded in Filene's library of research and innovation. Our human-centered approach to strategic planning ensures that your discussions focus on the needs of your members, the communities you serve and your team. Here's how it works:

    • Review Filene's latest research, education and insights grounded in consumer need.
    • Provide a space for new ideas to get your team conversing, partnering and leading for change. 
    • Facilitate meaningful discussions with your board and leadership team (either together or separately) on topics relevant to your strategies.
    • Introduce issue-discovery methodologies leveraging Filene’s research library.
    • Gain insight and topics for further strategic discussion.
    • Engage the board and leadership team so that strategic dialogue is not a point in time or once per year commitment, but an ongoing conversation that continually advances the goals of the organization and keeps the credit union moving with the pace of change to drive growth and member engagement.

    You will walk away with:

    • Insights through Filene's latest research grounded in real consumer need
    • A space for new ideas designed together to drive the credit union forward
    • Leadership conversations and partnership across your organization