Member Compatibility Workshop

Turn thoughts into action across your organization with relevant insights from Filene’s library focused on member experience and service excellence.

Member Compatibility Workshop Details

The business case for member compatibility is clear: focus and compatibility are strong predictors of member satisfaction, loyalty, non-interest income and asset growth. 

In these experiential workshops, we will explore the notions of member compatibility and operational transparency as ways to enhance experience, build trust and increase understanding of your organization’s value.

Member Compatibility Workshop Available

Organization Compatibility and Alignment – Virtual or In-Person

Define the experience you want to deliver to members. During this 4-hour workshop you will create a focused plan based on best-in-class strategies and organizations. Empower your team to match your target membership with your most compatible offerings to improve member experience​.


  • Identify a target member to use for mapping your plan to maximize member-organizational compatibility
  • Develop three areas of focus to improve member experience
  • Pinpoint up to three strategic adjustments that can improve the fit between your target member and your operating model, and product and service priorities