Reduce the front-end risk of new products and ideas for credit union members while accelerating credit union decision-making and growth.

Incubator Details

The world is changing in exciting and unpredictable ways and credit unions need to be proactive about preparing for an uncertain future. ​Accelerate innovation and reduce risk in one of Filene’s Incubators. Through these Incubators, Filene’s community of testers have an opportunity to be first to the market to test concepts to improve consumer financial well-being and accelerate credit union growth.

Growth Incubator Opportunities Available

New Delivery Channels

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting financial services, and fewer members are visiting branches, the need for credit unions to enhance and elevate their digital banking strategies is more important than ever. Test ideas that will help credit unions keep up with consumers’ expectations around digital financial services.

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New Revenue

Rapidly changing socioeconomic and technological trends are putting pressure on the traditional credit union business model. In a time when growing income is limited, it’s important to find other ways to generate revenue and keep up with member friendly noninterest income.

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Financial Well-being Incubator Opportunities Available

Racial Economic Justice

The global health pandemic has exacerbated the systemic economic challenges and disparities faced by Black communities and other households of color. In addition, access to quality healthcare and insurance is more difficult with clear evidence that Black Americans are contracting COVID-19, and dying at higher rates, than other groups. Improve consumer financial well-being and fuel the credit union difference to mitigate gaps in racial economic outcomes.


  • Generate ROI by growing revenue or reducing operational costs and see quicker financial return.
  • Opportunity to be first to market with new and novel concepts while providing leadership development opportunities for staff to learn rapid testing protocols.
  • Shape the future of consumer financial services and the credit union system.
  • Leverage successful tests to establish formal relationships with solution providers for rapid implementation.

Test Your Concept

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“Participating in Filene’s Incubator shows we are innovative, that we want your feedback, and that we want you to be a part of our future and the future of the credit union movement.”
Ben Bauer, Simplicity CU