Data Discovery Program

Discover your credit union's ability to realize value from data. 

Data Discovery Program Details

New approaches to analyzing data have grown with increased data availability. Building on Filene's industry-leading Data Analytics Readiness benchmark, the opportunity is yours to deepen your understanding of where your data analytics ecosystem stands now and how to elevate it for the future.

Whether you are in the beginning, middle or late stages of an analytics journey, stay on top of the industry-wide movement towards more data-driven business models. 

Discovery Options Available

Customized Analysis of Organizational Readiness
Discover opportunities that are central to your credit union’s success with a customized analysis of staff, process and infrastructure readiness across your organization.

Customized "Voice of the Employee" Insights
Receive an expert qualitative analysis of your employees' perceptions on your data readiness through 1:1 interviews and focus groups.


  • Deepen your understanding of where your organization stands right now on its data analytics journey.
  • Accelerate your credit unions’ digital transformation with recommendations on how to better realize value from your data.
  • Gain visibility into existing capability gaps and opportunities for building the organizational muscle necessary to drive data transformation forward.
  • Receive a customized analysis through a data discovery to guide strategic decision making.

Learn More

For more information on Filene’s Data Discovery Program, contact Filene today.

We will assess your analytics progress and goals, and provide next step recommendations to move you forward on your journey.