Custom Research

Leverage customized research to gain actionable insights designed specifically for your organization’s unique needs.

Custom Research Details

Big challenges often require a custom view. In addition to Filene’s research library that address the industry’s most critical concerns, we have deep experience with providing in-depth, customized research specific to your credit union’s unique needs.

Custom Research Offerings Available

Brand Assessment:

Research shows that investing in strategic marketing initiatives yields the best return in asset growth. A brand equity benchmarking custom research project will allow you to take action to deepen engagement through insights extracted from a quantitative analysis of your credit union’s brand performance. The health of a brand, consisting in brand awareness, familiarity, consideration, usage, and loyalty, can be measured and compared against competitors in a specific geographical area to inform strategies to strengthen it and seize opportunities to deepen member engagement, and ultimately, to grow the bottom line.

Member Experience:

To improve member experience, credit unions must leverage a three-point strategy that involves improving member compatibility, tracking MX metrics and providing a means of operational transparency to members. A custom member experience project will analyze member interactions and conduct qualitative research (i.e., through facilitated focus groups or one-on-one in-depth interviews) that will give you a deep understanding of where your organization excels and where there are opportunities to improve. We will provide actionable recommendations that you can use to improve member experience and loyalty.

Well-Being Benchmarking:

Financial well-being is at the heart of credit unions’ value proposition. Our research shows that when credit unions provide tools to support the financial health of members and employees, the return is immeasurable in terms differentiating your business, and cultivating loyal, long-lasting and productive financial relationships. Credit unions have the capacity to directly shape people’s well-being by helping them increase their resource pool; indeed, this is increasingly recognized as one of most effective way to elevate individual and collective well-being. While credit unions may not be able to reduce all the challenges members face (e.g., an urgent car repair, an illness, loneliness), the organization can be an ally—not only as a service provider, but also as a coach, a custodian of resources, and an advocate—when circumstances inevitably change across people’s lifecycles.

Co-branded Fully Custom:

Filene’s research library contains more than 500 research reports focus on broad industry insights. At the same time, we recognize that each credit unions have unique needs. With a co-branded fully custom research project, you decide the question or scope you want answered and Filene will conduct research that will provide answers.


  • Commission custom research to find solutions specific to the biggest questions facing your organization.
  • Synthesize useful findings from custom surveys, focus groups, and interviews developed and administrated by Filene’s experts to save you time.
  • Leverage recommended actions and opportunities to inform your strategic decisions and to cultivate member loyalty and grow your business.