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“Sometimes we are so closely tied to our processes that we miss the pain points that are real and could be preventing us from truly creating member impact. The Filene methodology for innovation helped us to activate our ability to see the world through the eyes of our members.”

Eric Bugger
Vice President of Consumer Lending
Wright-Patt Credit Union


“We need to transform banking into something more than just transactions to increase loyalty, create new relationships and ensure our long term sustainability. This is why we partnered with Filene, an organization that understands the need – and that thinking differently matters."

Brian Aalbers
Vice President, Brand
Libro Credit Union

Success Story

Wright-Patt Credit Union utilized a Filene program to help their credit union execute on innovation, ideas and cultural change. Here is their story:

"We knew we would have a fun, creative, and imaginative experience working with Filene. We also knew that we would be required to challenge our own world-view in a safe space. Our teams worked together over a two-day period to discover innovative ways to make our members lives better, by looking at challenges from their perspective. It was wonderful to see that our team members benefited from learning the Filene Innovation Method and just as we expected, our team members had a tangible takeaway that they shared with their teams immediately when they returned to the office."

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Success Story
Wright-Patt Credit Union utilized a Filene Innovation Immersion to target a specific lending challenge in their organization.