Delivering Exponential Growth through Member-Centered Innovation Video Recap

The path to exponential growth is through members, co-creation and innovation.

Day 1: What can your credit union do to meet members’ and employees’ needs?

Opening Keynote with Dr. Lisa Servon

Fellow Dr. Lisa Servon

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Financial Independence: Lifecycle Transitions from Early to Late Adulthood

Fellow, Dr. Lisa Servon and Caitlin Zaloom

Financial Well-being for All from Strategy to Implementation

Sonia Garrison, Chris Giles, David Klavitter, and Sam Plester

Disparities in Debt, a conversation with the Aspen Institute

Robin Brulé and Katherine Lucas McKay

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Day 2: How can credit unions build inclusive products and experiences to reach all members?

Welcome Back!

Taylor Nelms

How Can Credit Unions Build Inclusive Products and Experiences to Reach All Members?

Fellow Dr. Quinetta Roberson

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Addressing the Root Causes of Racialized Outcomes and Inequitable Systems

Fellow Dr. Quinetta Roberson, Robine Brulé and Jonathan Njus

Inclusive Leadership and Growth: Perspectives from Two Credit Union CEOs

Fellow Dr. Quinetta Roberson, Whitney Anderson-Harrell, Tonita Webb

Leveraging Partnerships to Drive DEI Innovation

Terry Esper

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Day 3: How can your credit union build a culture of innovation with, and for, its employees, members and community?

Welcome Back!

Taylor Nelms

Build a Culture of Innovation with, and for, Your Employees, Members and Community

Fellow Dr. Jeffrey Robinson

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Let's Talk Innovation!

Fellow Dr. Jeffrey Robinson, Thomaz DeMoura, Ami Iceman-Haueter, and Ben Maxim

Plan Your Burn, Burn Your Plan: Lessons from Burning Man about Creativity Despite Constraints

Katherine Chen

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Driving Growth Through Innovation

Taylor Nelms, Linda Bodie, Alaina Fronton, Jeff Medeiros, and Steve Pagenstecher

Connecting the Dots: A Conversation with Filene Fellows

Taylor Nelms and Fellows Dr. Jeffren Robinson, Dr. Quinetta Roberson, and Dr. Lisa Servon