DEI Practices and Policies Survey

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your credit union and the credit union industry in its DEI journey!

Organizations that leverage effective DEI practices and policies perform better in terms of value, risk, and growth. However, many organizations may be missing these opportunities for enhanced performance. Our research shows that it is not enough simply to “have diversity.” Effective solutions are needed to leverage the potential of DEI to fulfill organizational missions and achieve business goals. The changing landscape of the finance industry represents an opportunity for credit unions to claim a strong competitive edge, yet necessitates effective solutions for leveraging DEI to fulfill organizational mission and achieving business goals.

This is where you come in. 

Filene Research Institute is launching a new study to examine the presence, reach and value-creating effects of DEI practices and policies at credit unions. To do this, Filene is conducting a survey to provide a benchmark for the credit union industry and we need your participation.

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Survey Overview

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If you have any question on the validity or use of this survey please contact Filene's Research Team at [email protected].