Second Annual DEI Practices and Policies Survey

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DEADLINE: May 31, 2022

Last year, Filene launched a first-of-its-kind industry-wide survey to examine the presence, reach and value-creating effects of DEI practices and policies at credit unions. The first round of research was clear: individual DEI practices do not matter on their own when it comes to organizational performance. What matters most, are bundles of connected practices.

Now that we better understand this effective approach, this year’s survey is taking our research one step further and diving into what other practice bundles can create impact across your organization and how these practices affect overall firm performance. As this new survey continues to measure and track the credit union industry’s adoption of DEI policy and practice bundles, it will also deepen our understanding of the effects and relationships between these policies and practices and organizational performance. It will expand our insights into two additional focus areas:

  • What other success metrics do DEI practice bundles affect, beyond standard measures of financial performance?
  • How do DEI practice bundles affect overall firm performance like internal operations, improved services or messaging to members?

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Participating organizations will receive an individualized index aggregating their responses to identify where they fit within the broader system and specific recommendations for next steps to help your organization take a more informed and strategic approach to advancing their DEI efforts. 

Organizations who did not take the survey in 2021 can, and should, complete this year's. Those who took the survey last year will get an index incorporating both years' results and those who take the survey for the first time this year will get a one-year baseline and comparison to industry trends.

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Since this survey addresses organizational-level policies and practices, one response per organization is sufficient.

Survey Overview

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If you have any question on the validity or use of this survey please contact Filene's Research Team at [email protected].