Digital Transformation

Rapidly emerging technological trends are putting pressure on the traditional credit union business model. The future is coming fast and there are ways to gain deeper insights into what your membership is looking for when it comes to their digital experience. Explore our research agenda and activities designed for marketing and experience leaders.

Research Insights

High-Tech and High-Touch: Relationship Banking in a Digital World
Differentiate from competitors in the digital financial services market while strengthening your commitment to member relations.

Opportunities and Risks of Conversational AI for Credit Unions: Empathy and Intimacy in Automated Financial Customer Service
Differentiate your conversational AI solution by ingraining it within your core values of trust, empathy, and respect for members.

Fostering Digital Clout in Credit Unions
Learn how to grow your social media influence by engaging constituents in meaningful ways, while fulfilling credit union’s primary purpose of serving members first.

The Lessons of Fintech Apps: Design Matters for Personal Finance
Explore lessons from from fintech apps to help improve how your credit union is perceived and help activate a deeper engagement with younger members.

Call Centers as the New Front Lines: Steps for Improving the Remote Member Experience
Elevate your call centers with a focus on improving service delivery, empowering call center agents, and leveraging partners.

Actionable Tools

Enhancing Member Experience
Utilize this workshop guide to help your credit union define the experience it wants to deliver to members.

8 Tips to Drive Your Credit Union's Online Rating
Explore Filene's cheat sheet for your credit union's online review platforms.

Remixing Gamification
Brainstorm creative ideas that apply gamification to existing products, services, or operational efficiencies that will address a particular credit union pain point


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