Business Strategy Insights

Understanding how to deliver superior member experience, how to foster innovative work cultures, and how to lead effectively: these are the top three topics that former Filene Fellow Dr. Dennis Campbell curated from his work as the thought leader of Filene’s Center of Excellence for Organizational Entrepreneurship. Taken together, this collection of top insights can be used to help credit union leaders advance in a competitive financial services marketplace.

In the following three sections, find insights to leverage member compatibility and improve their experience, augment innovation from within, and unlock staff productivity through effective leadership to help your credit union grow.

Business Strategy Insights

Member Experience

It takes more than a good satisfaction score.

Win on member experience by truly understanding who you serve and aligning your organization’s products and services with the needs of your core members.

Use these insights and tools to help you achieve excellence in member experience.

Structures for Innovation

Build organizational ambidexterity to foster innovation.

Strike a balance between exploiting systems and processes you are already good at while exploring new innovations that sustain growth.

Use these insights and tools to help you better harness innovation.

Effective Leadership

Design cultures that foster employee engagement.

Leading with transparency, trust, and fair treatment can increase staff morale and productivity.

Use these insights and tools to help improve your management skills and build cultures of engagement.

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