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Lunch with Ed

Edward Filene – ‘Ed’ as we affectionately call him around here – is the spiritual grandfather of American credit unions. Even though we named a research institute after him, he didn’t respond to our invitation for lunch. So we’re bringing his bust instead.

Live broadcasting by Ustream

Fortnightly for the foreseeable future you’re invited to join in as Filene staff discuss the latest research and innovation work at the Institute.

It’s 103% free, so if you want to attend, just sign up here.

Connection Information

  • Verify that your IT department will allow you to watch streaming video at (If they don’t currently, ask them to unblock it for this legitimate business purpose). If they still don’t bite, don’t despair, we will be recording the live session for later viewing.
  • A touch before 12:00 CST, (1:00 EST, 11:00 MST, 10:00 PST0 navigate to the Lunch with Ed [] channel at
  • During the live event, you can ask questions by emailing me at benr [at] filene [dot] org. George and I will do our best to answer any question that flows in.

Topic Suggestions?

Since we can’t do much about your menu choices from afar, perhaps we can do something about our topic selection. Fill out the form below and we’ll do our best to chat about it.

As always, we won’t even think about using your email except to update you on Lunch with Ed. We’re just not like that.

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