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Be Among the First to Test Filene’s New Relationship-Building Product Concept

Filene is looking for credit unions to join our free prototype test of Just4You. Express your interest by clicking here.

Research has shown that when consumers are faced with a multitude of product options they may simply choose to make no decision at all. And, it’s not just in the cereal aisle that we’re all faced with choice overload. Honey Nut or Apple Cinnamon? Original or whole grain? Ultra-gigantic family sized box? It occurs with financial services as well.

Credit unions have developed a wide variety of products and services to meet the needs of members. Various types of checking accounts, multiple combinations of loan features and terms, and investment or retirement services to name a few. But for a new member faced with a multi-page product brochure, how do they know what the best products are for them?

A well-established sales and service culture supplemented by effective training for member service representatives is a good start. But to help your MSRs offer the right products to the right members, your credit union needs the right systems.  And that’s where Just4You comes in.

Developed by a team of Filene i3 innovators, Just4You guides your MSR to ask six simple, multiple-choice questions of new members to determine which consumer profile they most likely fit. Then, based on your credit union’s custom product portfolio, it prompts your MSR to offer specific products that will best meet the needs of the member sitting across from them.

Initial tests of the Just4You prototype showed that at one credit union it increased the percentage of new members taking three or more products from 4% to 13% during the test period. At another credit union, using Just4You more than doubled the rate of credit card acquisition by new members. Just4You worked at these credit unions, and now we want to test it with others.

We’re looking for three to five credit unions to be a part of the Just4You prototype test beginning in April. There’s no cost to participate and the level of commitment is outlined in this prototype test overview. You’ll be among the first credit unions to prototype this concept and optimally prove the benefit of the system with your employees.

The opportunity to be a part of the prototype phase only runs through April 2, so be sure to register your interest soon. To participate, we’d simply need your credit union to complete the prototype test agreement prior to April 2.  You can find more information on Just4You with these resources:

To be a part of this free prototype test, complete the Just4You prototype test agreement here.

And, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or 608.661.3746.

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