May 19 '21

Get what you need faster and keep it at your fingertips

You’re busy. You need to find solutions fast and get back to the good ones even faster. We’ve got two new website features on built just for you – a new way to search for research and tools, and the ability to save your most valued reports.

Search faster and easier

With over 500 research reports in our archive, hundreds of actionable guides and tools, and six new Centers of Excellence launched in the last year, it may seem daunting where to begin looking for the research you’re seeking.

We’ve created a new topics-based landing page just for you! When you are looking for research and tools related to a specific topic, simply click on the header Learn Something and find research related to a specific role, challenge or objective.

More than fifty topics were identified based on our most downloaded research and the terms Filene members searched for the most. You will also notice that we pulled out our actionable tools, workshops, online learning and actionable resources from our research reports, so you don’t have to remember which report that specific tool is associated with.​

Visit and start diving into research related to your specific needs today.

Save time and resources

Where did I see that statistic? Did I print off that road map to bring to my next strategy meeting? What was the name of that report I wanted to send to my coworker?

We’re all busy and trying our best to stay organized in an increasingly digital world. When you don’t have time to finish a report, or listen to the last half of that podcast, or you want to wait to run through that workshop with your team next week, you don’t have to worry about losing your place or having to find it again later.

Save time and resources (literally) by adding them to your own personalized and customizable library.

Once you are logged in to your free member account on, click the Save to Library button on the top of a webpage you wish to save. You can now save reports, podcasts, resource hubs, blogs, and so much more!

To revisit resources you have saved in your library, log in to, go to your account in the upper right-hand corner, and select My Library.

Your personal library will stay organized by reports, blog posts, podcasts and webpages. Once you are finished with a resource you can keep your personal library organized by removing them with the simple click of a button.

All Filene member organizations have unlimited free accounts for all of their employees. This now includes unlimited opportunities to save research, tools and online resources through the My Library feature.

A account is required to access My Library. If your organization is a member of Filene, create your account today and start building your personal library. Not sure if your organization is a Filene member? Reach out to [email protected] to find out more or check here.