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What I learned in Filene i3

Brad Barnes from Air Academy FCU kicking field goal at UofM

IMAGE: Brad Barnes kicking a football at Michigan Stadium

"The biggest thing I took from i3 is to constantly question everything you do.
This isn’t to question the validity of a decision you made or a process you implemented, but to see if by adding one piece of information or removing one barrier you would come to the same or a different decision.
Sometimes we accept the status quo because it’s what compliance approved or how we have always done it.  To move forward and improve we need to keep focusing on what we truly want to achieve, and work backwards to find a way to make it happen."

Brad Barnes, CPA | Chief Financial Officer | Air Academy Federal Credit Union

Why did you apply for Filene i3?

Team photo, Filene i3



IMAGE: (Top Row, L to R) Linda Young, Dana Clark, Joline Epple; (Bottom Row) Steve Webb, Jason Werts, Michael Spink.


















"To identify the boundaries that were holding me back, and learn how to get past them. That's what I say now; before I got started, I wanted to challenge, be challenged and learn from people smarter than me. Best team ever!"

Michael Spink, CUDE  | Innovation Strategist | Local Government Federal Credit Union

"I applied for the i3 program because I wanted the opportunity to learn from and work with the smartest people in the financial services industry."

Jason Werts | Chief Operating Officer | Unitus Community Credit Union

"I was keen to innovate with change makers from other credit unions and experience firsthand how an industry can co-operate and find solutions together."

Linda Young | Founder, Ponderpickle

"If you want to get better, you’ve got to play with the best.   Historically Filene, especially i3, has been considered to be the brain trust for our industry.  They think bigger, they think broader and these things were very appealing to me both personally and professionally."

Steve Webb ,CCUE | Chief Operations Officer | Neighbors Federal Credit Union

"I applied (twice!) because I wanted to connect with others in the industry for the cause of using our FI knowledge to creatively help consumers in need."

Joline Epple | Director of Marketing | Target CU, a Division of BCU

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7 Questions for Smart Outsourcing

7 Questions for Smart Outsourcing

Many of our clients choose to outsource all or parts of their cash management operations because they benefit from having a strategic value-adding partner working alongside their internal teams to; reduce costs, increase cost controls, improve core business processes, reduce risk and gain access to specialised expertise. Outsourcing can also help instil focus within a business where under-utilized members of staff are redeployed to enhance capacity in core business areas, such as member service.

Because credit unions have a strong focus on member service, outsourcing may feel challenging and risky. However, over recent years, particularly with the emergence of new technologies, outsourcing within credit unions has increased and evolved.

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