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Sustainable Thinking and Edward A. Filene

Sustainable Thinking and Edward A. Filene

In Edward A. Filene's 1926 book The Way Out he states, "I have always dealt with matters of social justice, cooperation, general welfare, not on the basis of philanthropy or paternalism, but as essential factors in the development of successful business". 

Deep Thoughts by Edward A. Filene

Deep Thoughts by Edward A. Filene

In 1924 Mr. Filene said, "The moment a business ceases to be an experimenter and comes to regard itself as an expert, it may be sure that dry rot has set in." 

California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues Launch Innovation Group

We’ve been busy helping credit unions, CUSOs, and state leagues take innovation from a buzzword to a strategic imperative with a whole suite of innovation programs. The California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues are the latest organizations to build an internal innovation group with us. The 2015 REACH Innovation Group...

Research, Innovate, and Create Impact with

At Filene Research Institute, we believe that new ideas are crucial for investing in the future of consumer finance. We recently spruced up to help you better access the thinking and tools needed to drive change for credit unions and all financial consumers.

Baby Boomers: The Forgotten Generation?

About 20% of American adults aged 55 and over are open to or searching for a new financial advisor in the next 12 months for retirement planning. And 10.5% report that they are actively looking for a financial advisor to discuss retirement planning based on Filene survey data of pre-retirees.