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Filene: The Blog

Crashing big.bright.minds

For the first time, we’re offering some lucky members of The Cooperative Trust the chance to be on the inside of Filene’s big.bright.minds event.

Happy Sad

One of the best decisions I ever made was to hire Matt Davis at Filene. He is the rare combination of curious, smart and passionate. 

Recap: 2013 Customer Experience Findings from McKinsey & Company Webinar

Filene Fellow Dorian Stone from McKinsey and Company joined us last Friday to share McKinsey’s 2013 findings for North American banking and customer experience implications. Positive member experience is essential in driving growth for credit unions, and Dorian highlighted four areas that matter to win. We also touched on how...

15 Credit Union Innovators Join Filene’s i3 Community

Join us in welcoming 15 credit union execs to our i3 innovation program. These young innovators will serve a two-year term that kicks off at big.bright.minds this October at Princeton University.