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Crash the GAC 2012: It’s On.

For the third year in a row, attendees of CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference will be joined by select group of 15 young credit union leaders, known across the system as the Crashers.

But this year, it’s different.

Pilot Project Opportunity - Limited Space

Pilot  Project Opportunity - Limited Space

Filene recently met an amazing group of entrepreneurs working on an innovation near and dear to our hearts:prized-linked savings. This group, called SaveUp, is partnering with us to pilot their project with15 lucky credit unions…you will need to act fast as we expect this opportunity to go fast.

Welcome to Jason Milesko, Filene’s New Chief of Advisory Services

Welcome to Jason Milesko, Filene’s New Chief of Advisory Services

It’s like clockwork … the sunrise … Old Faithful. Every three-and-a-half weeks, without fail, we’ll get a call at the Filene office from a longtime member. It usually goes like this, “I love Filene research, and I just got your latest report. It’s really good research, and I love it. (Did I mention that I love it?) But what do I do with it?”

Now we have somewhere to route those calls.

Drops of Jupiter: CU Armageddon

Drops of Jupiter: CU Armageddon

As 2012 begins the superstitious among us may be worried about ancient Mayan predictions of armageddon. Credit unions have heard it all before. In my short 32 years on this planet the years 1989, 1998, and 2008 also (supposedly) signaled the end of days for financial institutions of all shapes and sizes.

Alas, we are still here.

Still, it is easy to look at economic data and conclude that the Mayans may have been onto something. The optimist in me, however, suggests that financial institutions should be more concerned about another ancient myth: the story of Philemon and Baucis.

Lunch with Ed

Edward Filene – ‘Ed’ as we affectionately call him around here – is the spiritual grandfather of American credit unions. Even though we named a research institute after him, he didn’t respond to our invitation for lunch. So we’re bringing his bust instead. Live broadcasting by Ustream Fortnightly for the...