big.bright.minds. 2021

Filene's Annual Member Meeting

Annual Impact Report

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Day 1: How Can Credit Unions Grow?

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Mark Meyer, Filene President + CEO

How Can Credit Unions Grow by Fostering an Entrepreneurial Culture?

Fellow Jeffrey Robinson and Marty Pell

Download the presentation deck here.

How Becoming More Inclusive will Lead to Growth

Fellow Lisa Servon, Gopal Swamy and Bjorn Larson

Download the presentation deck here.

Rapid Market Shifts: Three Urgent Calls to Action for Financial Institutions

Samantha Paxson

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Filene Foundry: Growth through Innovation

JUDY.AI, NYMBUS, Think|Stack and

Ask an Innovator: What's Changing the Future of Credit Unions

Filene i3 cohorts

Day 2: How is DEI and Community the Key to Differentiation?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Credit Union Performance: The Remix

Fellow Quinetta Roberson and Taylor Nelms

Download the presentation deck here.

How Community is the Key to Differentiation in Financial Services

Fellow Mai Thi Nguyen

Download the presentation deck here.

Cooperative Growth, Placemaking, and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Andy Stoll and Robin Brulé

Download the presentation deck here.

Slaying Myths: How New Datasets and Better Strategy Give Credit Unions Innovative Options

Chris Howard

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Day 3: How Do You Know When You're Ready to Transform?

Technology Design for Trust: The Credit Union Difference in Uncertain Times

Fellow Bill Maurer and Tony Morris

Download the presentation deck here.

Are you Ready? Accelerating Analytics Value Creation

Fellow Cheri Speier-Pero

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The future is behavioral science – is your organization ready?

Matt Wallaert

Now What? A Discussion with the Filene Fellows

Moderated by Fellow Alumn Sekou Bermiss

Download photos from the return of our biggest event and dive deeper into the insights from our research archive that inspired the conversations.

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Inspiration and innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. big.bright.minds. brought together the best and brightest minds from within credit unions and across other industries for connection and inspiration to drive lasting and impactful change in the industry. Take a look at the moments captured.

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