How can we efficiently and effectivley leverage technology to realize a complete member experience?


The ZeroHour application allows credit unions the opportunity to deliver a more friendly and efficient approach to requested in-branch experiences.

Test Results:

Feedback from 78 tested users include:

  • “This would be great if it was integrated into your current application instead of a stand-alone application.”
  • “It would work better in a branch with a bigger footprint.”
  • “The general messages were good but it would be better if the advertisements were specific to me.”
  • From the employee perspective on the check in process: “I like knowing what the members need before they approach me.”


Marquis Boochee
Marquis Boochee
Vice President, eStrategy and Innovation
Xceed Financial Credit Union
Evelyn Royer
Evelyn Royer
Vice President, Risk Management & Support Systems
Purdue Federal Credit Union
Jennifer Sider
Jennifer Sider
Associate Director, Marketing and Development
Duke University Federal Credit Union