Virtual Finance

This microcosm, called Mo’doh Island, allows participants to select and customize an avatar and interact with others in a world that beckons them to experience financial decision, and it introduces critical financial and life concepts over a simulated lifetime. This video has testimonies on how students learned from their mistakes in the game and modified future decisions.

Two early members of i3, Scott Moriarty and Charlie White, along with Dr. Chang Liu, a pioneer in virtual world development, launched a company called Thwakk, in October 2009 to commercialize this project and bring its many benefits to credit unions and millennials.

There are a variety of ways Mo’doh Island can be leveraged:

  • Directly to consumers from a branded credit union Game Website which connects to player directly to the island with their avatar.
  • Local Middle and High School class room facilitation which will allow your community education liaison to reach more students with fewer resources.
  • Community groups and other community outreach programs that are looking to enhance their own financial education initiatives.

Visit Mo’doh Island for further information about how your credit union can get involved.


Mo’doh Island Implemented at Holmen High in Wisconsin


Lesley Carrell
Lesley Carrell
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Scott Moriarty
Scott Moriarty
Founder & CEO
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