Independence Card


How might we provide quick credit with educational tools to 18 and 19 years olds who have no credit or limited credit? Experian estimates there are more than 64 million “unscoreable”, those with little to no credit history, consumers in the United States.  A large percentage of these aren’t high risk at all.  


The Independence Credit Card provides a uniquely educational lending experience that is gamified for members 18-19 years of age who have reportable income and no derogatory credit. The card allows for ease of access to an initial line of credit, a competitive interest rate, and the ability to earn redeemable rewards for positive account behavior.

Test Results:

We conducted a 10 question survey of 18-22 year olds.  Over 40 participated.  Our conclusion based on the survey data was that they would use a credit card to build credit and tide them over between paychecks.  

The Presentation:


Andrew Spirrison
Andrew Spirrison
Vice President Of Retail Delivery
FORUM Credit Union
Jeremy Hayes
Jeremy Hayes
Finance Manager, EAC Accounting
Jennifer Sider
Jennifer Sider
Associate Director, Marketing and Development
Duke University Federal Credit Union